Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is the most common type of pain that people complain about and suffer from. It can be just a minor annoyance, or it can disrupt your life. No one wants to learn to live with it, and no one should have to. Finding a chiropractor to help is important. Dr. Charles Dillion of Dillon Chiropractic Office in Salinas, CA offers a variety of treatments to help with back pain. 

There are many reasons for back pain. It can be the result of an accident, or it can be just wear and tear. No matter what the reason, be it an auto accident, sports injury, or worker's comp injuries, what you want is to be pain free and that is why you visit the chiropractor. A chiropractor offers options you may not get anywhere else. 

Chiropractic adjustment and manipulation

These procedures are most often used to alleviate pain. Back pain can be very disruptive to your life and finding a way to make the pain go away or at the very least be manageable is imperative. In combination with other therapy, adjustment and manipulation to return subluxated vertebrae to their proper place can be very effective, but it isn't the right treatment for every reason for back pain. 

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise can help a great deal with back pain. It can be used in the initial treatment after a diagnosis of the cause of the pain has been reached, and it can also be used to maintain strength and flexibility. For some back pain, a partial sit up can provide relief. It helps to strengthen your core without putting stress on your lower back. The doctor will show you how to perform the exercises that are best for you and then allow you to do them. Most don't need any equipment, but some do require an exercise ball. 


Cryotherapy is effective for back pain that is caused by inflammation. It is the application of cold that can reduce swelling. 


While x-rays are not a treatment on their own, they are a tool to help a chiropractor to diagnose what exactly is causing the pain you may be feeling. By getting a good inside look at what is going on in your back. It is easier for the doctor to be able to determine what other therapy would be the best for your condition. 

Dr. Dillon of Dillon Chiropractic Office in Salinas, CA  provides his patients with treatment options for back pain. This practice proudly serves not just Salinas but Monterey County, Monterey, and Santa Cruz, CA. Call the office for an appointment at 831-449-1594.

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