Auto Injury

Have you or a loved one been injured in an auto accident? Dr. Charles Dillon at Dillon Chiropractic Office offers highly customized auto injury treatments to the residents of Salinas, CA.

Benefits of Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatments

No matter how hard you might try to avoid an auto accident, you can’t control road conditions or other drivers. Fortunately, if you do find yourself the victim of an auto accident, chiropractic care can help you heal and get back to your life without the pain and other symptoms. Below, Dr. Dillon and the team at Dillon Chiropractic Office of Salinas, CA, share some of the benefits of chiropractic auto injury treatments.

Utilizes Natural Techniques

No one wants to deal with invasive procedures, especially after you’ve been injured. This is something you don’t have to worry about with chiropractic care. It’s completely non-invasive, utilizing techniques that encourage the body’s natural healing processes.

Provides Lasting Relief From Pain

If you’ve ever visited a medical provider for pain, you may have found yourself still suffering for months. This is because they focus on addressing the symptoms. Unfortunately, if the root of the issue isn’t addressed, the pain will return. Chiropractors specialize in locating the root of your suffering and eliminating it. This process provides lasting relief, as the source of pain is addressed.

Restores Mobility and Range of Motion

Many people involved in auto accidents find it difficult to move as they once did. This is most often seen in whiplash, as it causes neck stiffness. However, it can also be caused by a misalignment, herniated disc, scar tissue, and other resulting injuries.

Chiropractic care combines a variety of techniques that address the root cause as well as any subsequent issues. In doing so, it helps auto injury sufferers regain their mobility and range of motion.

Customized for Your Needs

Even if two auto accidents happen the same way, they can produce different injuries. This is because the victims of the accidents are different. They are different sizes with differing lifestyle factors. As such, a cookie-cutter approach to healing will not be effective.

Chiropractic auto injury treatment plans are customized to the individual, ensuring the most optimal results. They might include techniques such as adjustments, therapeutic exercise, cryotherapy, and more, depending on your injuries, their severity, and your unique needs.

Learn more about chiropractic auto injury treatments and how they can help you get back to life by visiting Dr. Dillon at Dillon Chiropractic Office of Salinas, CA. Call (831) 449-1594 to schedule your appointment today.

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